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Walking Minds Customized.
TheWalking Minds Customized.
Shaped into your shape.

With the Walking Minds Customized, the shape of the advertising space can be adapted to almost any campaign idea - diverse, individual and eye-catching. For example, products or logos can be presented above the heads.


The Walking Minds Customized are ideal for presenting large logos or products with their individual contours above the head. With individual advice, we will support you in the development of your unique special shape.  


At a glance.

advertising space

  • Individual content

  • Front & Back

  • Four color printing

  • approx. 700mm x 700mm

  • 1 meter above the promoter


  • promotions

  • Trade fairs & events

  • events

  • outdoors & indoors

  • street promotion

to form

  • thought bubble

  • speech bubble

  • Standardized Shapes

  • Individual special forms


  • More attention

  • levitation effect

  • Impressive effect

  • Can be worn under clothing

  • Uncomplicated use

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