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Rental products.

The mobile out-of-home advertising medium is worn under clothing and lets advertising speech bubbles or thought bubbles float above the heads of promoters.

Walking Minds | CLASSIC.

Additional options:

The Walking Minds | TICKER combine prints with digital tickers that can be exchanged on site. Visible day & night. An advertising medium for slightly longer advertising messages. As always portable by the promoter.

Walking Minds | TICKER.

Additional options:

With this product, wiecomic expands the "Walking Minds Classic" with lighting. For Christmas markets and concerts at night. 

Walking Minds | LEDs.

Additional options:

Walking Minds | HALO.

The Walking Minds |HALO® are round advertising displays that float like haloes above the promoter's head. Videos, text and sound can be played to achieve extraordinary effects.

With Walking Minds Customized, the shape of the advertising space can be adapted to almost any campaign idea - diverse, individual and eye-catching. For example, products or logos  can be presented above the heads.

Walking Minds | CUSTOM.
Cruising Minds | BIKES

The Hanging Minds are an attractive addition to your Walking Minds campaign. Attached to glass with a vacuum, the Hanging Minds link to a Walking Minds campaign and give your location a voice quickly and easily.

Hanging Minds
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