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Walking Minds Classic.
Walking Minds for rent.
​ Speak for themselves.

The mobile out-of-home advertising medium can be worn under clothing and lets advertising speech bubbles, thought bubbles or individual special shapes hover over the heads of promoters.​

The effect speaks for itself, is extraordinary, eye-catching and increases the efficiency of your advertising campaign.

The speech and thought bubbles are available in different, standardized shape variations, which are available for you as an editable print file.


As the inventor of the mobile speech bubble, it is important to wiecomic to offer you an advertising medium  that is characterized by the latest materials, the best workmanship and maximum comfort. The tool fits under clothing, nestles comfortably against the promoter and is very light. These properties create the unique floating effect that increases awareness of your campaign.


Best product quality.
standard shapes.
Special-To form.

If you want individual shapes, for example to present a product or logo, there is the option of making a special shape. Almost every campaign idea can be implemented individually - diverse, individual and eye-catching.



The Walking Minds offer countless staging possibilities thanks to the free choice of shapes, colors and texts. The right combination of meaningful walking minds, open-minded promoters and suitable outfits make your promotion an individual event - attractive and effective.

At a glance.


  • Individuelle Inhalte

  • Vorder- & Rückseite

  • Vierfarbdruck

  • ca. 700 mm x 700 mm

  • 1 Meter über dem Promoter


  • promotions

  • Trade fairs & events

  • events

  • outdoors & indoors

  • street promotion

to form

  • thought bubble

  • speech bubble

  • Standardized Shapes

  • Individual special forms


  • More attention

  • levitation effect

  • Impressive effect

  • Can be worn under clothing

  • Uncomplicated use

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