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Corona Marketing & Promotion
Golden rules, tips and ideas.
Out-of-Home advertising in Corona times.

Portable advertising media for rent:examples

Corona lockdown, contact restrictions, social distancing

The lockdown  has swept the shopping streets, pedestrian areas and events empty. 

With success. The number of cases has fallen and loosening could increasingly come into force. Gradually, the streets, pedestrian zones, shopping centers and shops are filling up again. In some places it looks like it did before the crisis. 

Everyday life is slowly coming back. 


But for the event industry, for trade fairs, promotions and events of all kinds, normality will probably not return any time soon. And therefore also not for the marketing departments, whose important marketing instrument, "communication", loses an important pillar. Events, sporting events, trade fairs and person-supported sales promotions cannot be carried out at present, or only to a limited extent. In addition, there is a lack of knowledge about how consumers perceive advertising measures in a crisis mode. Keyword: corona marketing


take the chance

But like every crisis, this circumstance also harbors an opportunity. The field belongs to advertisers who follow a few rules. 


In general, the current situation in many areas offers the opportunity to try out new ways. New types of communication are also helpful when addressing customers. Hit-and-run ads are not appropriate at this time.


Defensive & cautious

Everyone is currently shifting down a gear - that should also be reflected in the speech. Defensive, cautious texts, promotional campaigns and out-of-home campaigns are the order of the day. For example, during the pandemic, nobody wants to be approached head-on in the pedestrian zone or even intercepted by promoters. The advertising message should be conveyed from a distance and without contact when shopping. If the message, the promise or the give-away is good enough, the interested parties will approach them themselves or seek contact later from home. 


Gentle humor in the crisis

Caution is advised when addressing the pandemic directly. While humor is accepted by customers, it should be used gently and with respect. A positive example is Hohes' slogan C  during the peak of the pandemic. "We thank everyone who does not see this poster" In any case, the expertise of an experienced copywriter should be used. 


Information on Corona measures

If Corona is to be discussed, then the social responsibility of companies might be the better hook. Education or information that relieves the customer's concerns underlines that everyone is in the same boat and acting together. If, for example, you extract the air in your salesrooms or provide air exchange, disinfect more or similar, then tell your customers about it. This creates trust and promotes customer loyalty. 


Off to the green

The shopping streets, arcades and malls are being visited more frequently again. Of course it makes sense to let the classic street promotion take place in the pedestrian zones even in Corona times. But the year 2020 will probably also be the year of parks and green spaces. People are drawn to the countryside and the fresh air. Keyword: Out of Home (OoH) Urban parks in particular become interesting locations for mobile advertising media or promotional campaigns. But also applies here. Gentle, considerate and above all without getting too close to anyone. 


Staging a promotional campaign

Let the staging of your promotional campaign speak for itself.

A helpful out-of-home advertising medium for this is, for example, the speech bubbles floating above the head "walking minds“. The mobile advertising medium was developed to stage promoters in such a way that they are visible from afar and convey the advertising message defensively and cautiously. It is an attention-grabbing eye-catcher due to the floating effect and the high position of the advertising space. True to the motto: "Speak without speaking". This enables interesting uses. 

A staged dialogue between two people, for example, offers advertisers plenty of scope to address their product/service and its properties or advantages. The passer-by is not forced to take part in what is happening - and becomes a silent observer. And the message is transported along the way. 


Ideas approaches & examples for promotions


Advertising media for the telecommunications industry

Promoters are sitting on park benches and talking on the phone. On theWalking Minds | TICKER, (a speech bubble that hovers over the head and can display a text digitally), passers-by can “read” a staged telephone conversation that draws the viewer’s attention. The properties of the new tariff, for example, can then also be included in the staged conversation.


Advertising media for retail

A large food supplier offers outdoor equipment and barbecue utensils in its weekly theme world. A possible scenario would be that a small group would use this equipment in the park and use the floating speech bubbles to talk about its properties while drawing attention to where to get the items. Possible advertising media: Walking Minds | CLASSIC,Walking Minds | TICKER


Advertising media for gastronomy

A large coffee house chain offers a new coffee variation.

Some staged guests are sitting outside in front of the café with the Walking Minds.

Pleasure sounds like "Mhhhh" and the name of the new product are written on the speech bubbles above your heads.


Advertising media for  the automotive industry

Promoters crossing the pedestrian traffic light on a main road. 

The speech bubbles floating above the head read: 

“Would you like a contactless test drive in the new model in 100 meters? …”

Key word: test drive event




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